Finding High-Quality Products To Dropship: 6 Proven Strategies

How to find high-quality products to dropship - 6 proven strategies

Finding high-quality products for your dropshipping store can make the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. So, right from the start, offering high quality products is an absolute must. 

As there are countless options out there, how do you even begin to find winning products that tick all the boxes? In this next article, we’ll outline 6 proven strategies that can help you source the best products for your market.

Let’s start. 

What do we mean by high-quality products?

When dropshipping, you always want to offer your customers the best products. But what exactly makes a product “high quality”?

In most cases, high quality refers to items that are well-made, durable and appealing. Your customers should feel they’re getting great value for their money. Those products should also be reliable and have a special design.

Now, let’s look at some of the best strategies to find high-quality products for your dropshipping business! 

1. Get inspiration from your life and follow your passion

As you can imagine there are many ways to find great products out there, but we believe the easiest way is to follow your passions and get inspiration from your life. 

Yes, we know this might sound like a cliche, but know this, over 30% of our students find their products and pick the niche for their store using this strategy. 

Most of the time, this is actually how people start thinking about launching an ecommerce store. They first discover a niche or great product and then they think about how they could sell that item. Then they discover the dropshipping business model and only after that do they start digging more into dropshipping, how it works where to find suppliers, how to set up your business, etc.

For example, you can get an idea from a cool product that you might discover in a store or in an ad. Or maybe when a friend is telling you about this awesome item he heard about in a podcast or on a Facebook group. Make a list with those potential niches, so you can keep them in mind when you make your final decision.

Now, if you already have some niches in mind, you can enroll in our course and you have the chance to analyze those niches and see if any of them are good enough to build a store around it.

2. Find evergreen niches

Another method to find the right products to sell is to identify popular and profitable niches that will always be in high demand in your country. These are called biche products as they target only a specific market or audience. 

These items aren’t mass-produced and are harder to find. And, as there is less competition in the niche market, they can be very profitable. People who buy niche products are often willing to pay more for such items because they perceive them to be of higher quality. So make sure that the niche products you sell are of high quality. That means you should look for high-ticket items and not for low-ticket ones. 

Start by talking to people in your industry to find a niche product that they want to buy but can’t find in their country easily. Another way is to look for products that the big stores are selling and try to find a gap or a product that is always out of stock. 

You can also use tools like Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers, SEMRush and various dropshipping tools can help you identify trending niches.  

How to find evergreen niches to dropship

3. Identify trending products within a niche

Let’s say you have a niche in mind, then it’s time to identify popular trends and best-selling categories within it. Look at top stores like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy to see what’s selling well and check what their reviews mention.

This can also be done by using Google Trends or other similar tools. You can also look for what’s trending on social media via groups or the social community of your competition.

Even if you don’t have a niche in mind, you can still look for trending products on the big online store in your area. For example, use Amazon Best Sellers, this will show you what products are selling well on Amazon. You can also use sites like eBay and Walmart to find trending products and pick an evergreen niche.

4. Research big stores and marketplaces like Amazon

Amazon and Walmart are the biggest online stores in the USA, for example. With millions and millions of products and great categorization of their products, these two stores can give you some great profitable and high-quality dropshipping product ideas. 

Start by browsing their store best sellers categories, such as US best sellers, to discover the most popular products for your niche or category. 

Another way to filter products is by orders and reviews. Make sure you check those products with a minimum of 50-100 reviews as this is a great demand indicator when you are trying to find a good niche or product idea.

5. Use different tools to find products

You can also use several tools to find high-quality products. Besides Amazon Best Sellers, which we already talked about, there are also SEO tools like SEMrush and free tools like Google Trends.

These tools will allow you to see what products are selling well and what trends are in your area. Now, keep in mind that it’s important to know your niche (or at least have an idea of what niche you want for your store) and target markets when using these tools.

Also, you need to take your time and learn how to use these tools correctly, so you know how to interpret and use this data to your benefit.

6. Research your competition

Now, to use this method for finding high-quality products you need to know your niche or at least have some idea of what you want to sell. 

Once you have an idea for a nice, then you need to know your competition in the area, and then look at what are their best-selling products. This is also a great way to find your competition’s pros and cons and how difficult it will be to compete with them.

When looking at their website, identify some gaps you can fill, for example, maybe try to ship the items faster than them. Make sure to also check their customers’ reviews about their products and see where you can do better. 

Look at their social media accounts, subscribe to their newsletters, or even make small purchases to evaluate their customer service and product quality.

In the end, it’s all about finding that evergreen niche

So, you see, it’s not only about finding high-quality products for your dropshipping store but also finding that evergreen niche that actually sells.  

By following your passion, and taking inspiration from your life together with the right amount of research, you can identify and add the right high-quality products to your dropshipping store. 

Remember, the key to a successful dropshipping business is offering products that meet your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Happy dropshipping!

High Quality Products to Dropship

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